Warehouse Logistics Systems

Warehouse logistics concerns the flow of operations within the warehouse environment, and there are often sophisticated software tools in place to help with this such as warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS).

Controlling Operations with a Warehouse Management System

As part of an overall warehouse logistics operation, the warehouse management system is a piece of software that carries out many vital tasks, including:

• Deciding the actions involved in transporting materials and storing them in the right places
• Processing transactions in areas such as shipping and receiving
• Directing and optimising storage of stock based on information gathered in real-time
• Monitoring product movement and the levels of progress here, taking into account tracking system data and product station communications

Technology such as barcode scanners, WLAN, data capture and portable devices all often play a part in providing a WMS with the data needed to control warehouse operations effectively. A database is used to store this collected information for later use when a report is required on product statuses, offering a convenient, centralised source for managing a variety of tasks.


Policing Operations with a Warehouse Control System

Working together with the WMS is the warehouse control system (WCS), which is another software application that is used to help manage logistics. This piece of software acts as a real-time regulator keeping everything orderly throughout while taking directions from the WMS. The WCS offers benefits such as:

• An interface with equipment for material handling (palletisers, conveyor systems, etc.)
• A connection to the upper management system, exchanging information for managing distribution operations
• Effectively balancing activities in systems that involve material handling, ensuring workloads are completed
• Helping accomplish orders by direction operatives and controllers to correctly route products
• Dynamic algorithms designed to read information on routing and orders before diverting operations
• Vital data gathering for reporting back to the host system
• Interfaces for straightforward management and control of tasks in distribution

Working in conjunction with one another, both the WMS and WCS offer an efficient and manageable system for the warehouse environment, gathering data in real-time and directing operations accordingly.

Three Reasons Why You Need Improve Storage Systems in the Workplace

A streamlined storage system is essential if you want to maximize worker productivity, boost sales and reduce accidents in and around the workplace. Installing new shelving units, organizing product storage space and improving workflow on the floor can all help to update your existing storage plan. If you haven’t reviewed and updated your storage systems in a while then now is the time to do it. Read on for three important reasons why you need to improve your storage systems at work.

Increase Employee Productivity

A well organized warehouse will in turn help to increase productivity on the floor, as employees will be able to store items and finding exactly what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.


Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

By implementing a complete storage system you will be able to reduce or even completely eliminate accidents on the floor. You can do this by ensuring products are stored safely and in the correct places. It is also important that all employees have had adequate training for the equipment and machinery that they use in the workplace. Labeling products is also an essential part of proper storage, as it enable employees to know when an item is heavy, hazardous or fragile.

Proper storage solutions are often a health and safety requisite which is needed in order to pass safety tests and to keep insurers happy. It is possible to hire a team of inspectors to come and review the systems you currently have in place and make suggestions as to the improvements which can be made.

Boost Customer Satisfaction Rates

By streamlining your storage systems and increasing productivity you will have a knock on effect on your customer satisfaction rates. A smooth running warehouse will help your products to be shipped quicker to customers, plus it will reduce the chances of a customer receiving the wrong order.

These are just three of the many reasons why updating the storage systems in your workplace is so important. Start implementing some changes today to see what a difference it can makes on your profits and satisfaction rates. Good luck.